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Best Riads in Marrakech

About Morocco

- Country - Morocco, Africa
- Population: 1,036,500
- Major Industries: Tourism, Agriculture, Handcraft, Trading
- Currency - Moroccan Dirhams

   £1 = approx 13 Dirhams, €1 = approx 11 Dirhams Other conversions - convert here
- Language Spoken - Moroccan Arabic & French
- Religon - Islam
- Entry Visa - Not required for UK passport holders, other passport holders check with

   the Moroccan Embassy. UK Tel: 024 42 08 46
- Moroccan Tourist Office: UK 020-7437 0073; Visit Moroccan National Tourist Office
- Electricity - 222 volt, 2 pin round plug (European)
- Time: GMT
- Internet - Cyber Cafes are readily available, however free Wifi is available on the

   inhouse laptop at Riad Chayma.

The climate of Marrakech is fairly appealing throughout the year, with plenty of sunshine to soak up and enjoy. However, the weather experienced within Marrakech can be rather changeable at times and although there is usually plenty of sun during the winter months, the likelihood of rain at this time of the year increases.

Winter temperatures are at their lowest in January and February, although still manage to average 18°C / 64°F or 19°C / 66°F on many days, even topping 20°C / 68°F on occasion, although by night, it can feel quite cold and a jacket will certainly be necessary. As you would expect, the summer climate in Marrakech is considerably warmer and temperatures peak at more than 30°C / 86°F and can climb much higher 40-45°C.

Weather Info

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